About Janine Chapa

I feel a need to protect families - that is why Saving Texas Together rings true in my heart. I promise to work hard and fight to protect the things that matter most to Texans: life, liberty and property.

A bit about me: my husband, Mike, and I met in my hometown on the border, Brownsville, Texas. Mike was stationed in Brownsville as a Game Warden and I worked in my family-owned restaurant business. I was waiting on Mike's table when cupid struck... because no one orders that much chips and salsa.

I began working in my Mom's business when I was 12 years old. Through my teenage years, I learned to do payroll, order supplies, and eventually hiring and firing and training. When anyone was out for vacation or ill, I filled in. I learned the value of hard work.

I earned a bachelors in business from Pan American University in 1985 but also spent time at Texas Southmost College and the University of Texas (UT). While at UT, I worked part time at the Attorney General's office in the Oil and Gas division. That experience ignited an interest in government and the state legislature that has always stayed with me.

After graduating from college, I began work in the insurance business. I later opened my own agency in San Antonio. I was asked to join the Sales Leadership team as a mid-level manager and ultimately worked my way up to Vice President of Agency Sales in the last 10 years of my career.

I loved working in insurance and I loved selling life insurance. I believe my need to protect comes from my 32 years of insurance. We protected families from unforeseen circumstances, whether fire, car accident, hurricane or an untimely death. We provided a way for people to recover from the unexpected and help them to move forward again.

As a devout Christian, I aim to serve with humility and integrity. We attend our church and volunteer. Through my service to the church and in my career, I learned that we are better when we listen and empower people. That customer-focused mindset is exactly what I will bring to Austin.

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