Cathy Jaster-Precinct Chair, Precinct 245

Dec 29, 2023

We The People, a phrase that gets tossed around so much these days, NEED TO ELECT hard working, regular people that have the same struggles and challenges we ALL have, and STOP ELECTING POLITICIANS! We think we are electing people who will work for us because they have an ‘R’ by their name, but once elected they join ‘the club’ and it seems like we don’t matter anymore. The club is siding and collaborating more and more with the DEMOCRATS and compromising those values that we hold dearly as Republicans: pro-life, closing the border, parental rights, election integrity, less govt, lower taxes and keeping our country’s sovereign and even our own personal sovereignty.

As a conservative Williamson County precinct chair, who has worked with Janine for several years now, I know how hard Janine works and that she has the same conservative values I have, those that come from the Bible, the Constitution and are in our Republican Party platform. As precinct chair, Janine has been instrumental in turning our Williamson County Rep Party back to RED, not in name only but in values. This has been a hard fight and will continue and this is why so many conservative precinct chairs are on TEAM JANINE and support her for State Representative for HD20.

Cathy Jaster
Wilco Rep Party Pct Chair 245
2020, 2022 Texas REPUBLICAN State Delegate
Grassroots activist

Mrs. Jaster lives in Georgetown, TX. where she is active in Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF), Election Integrity initiatives and the Williamson County Republican Party.

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