Michelle Harger-Precinct Chair, Precinct 267

Dec 29, 2023

Why I am endorsing Janine Chapa and supporting ‘Saving Texas Together’ - Texans need strong conservatives with a backbone to fight against corruption and grift. Watching the politically driven impeachment of Ken Paxton was shocking as a Texan and it was clear what was driving it. Worse was seeing our so-called conservative representatives signing on to it. This was even more disturbing. I want and need our representatives to keep their promise to uphold, obey, and honor the Constitution FIRST in everything they touch in government. I believe Janine Chapa to be a promise-keeper. We need our representatives to be roadblocks and U-TURN signs, not simply speed bumps on our way to tyranny. Janine Chapa has demonstrated herself to be an important voice in the WILCO GOP County Executive Committee, where we have served together and I believe her to be the ‘roadblocking’ and ‘U-TURNING’ representative needed to replace the incumbent State Representative that voted in SUPPORT of AG Paxton’s impeachment and has declared that he did the right thing in supporting that impeachment ever since. Very disappointing. Janine Chapa won’t be disappointing. She will be true to the voters that elect her as the next House District 20 representative. That’s why she has my full endorsement.

Michelle Harger
Precinct 267

Michelle lives in Georgetown, Texas where she is active in the Williamson County Republican Party.

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