Mark Meckler, Founder of Tea Party Patriots & President of Convention of States

Jan 15, 2024

My name is Mark Meckler and I ve been involved in grassroots politics for 15 years at the national leadership level (Founder / National Director - Tea Party Patriots Founder / President of Convention of States). I am a full-time grassroots activist, and I m always looking for real grassroots folks who have the tenacity, skills and willingness to run for office. Janine Chapa is one of those people.

Janine got involved as a citizen activist for all the right reasons. Not for personal gain, fame, power but because she believes in the vision of our Founders and Framers for this country. And she s willing to give up her retirement to fight for that vision.

Janine will fight for Secure Borders, Parental Rights / School Choice, Election Integrity and to aggressively push back on Federal overreach.

Janine s opponent voted to impeach the most important Attorney General in the nation, AG Ken Paxton. Janine opposed that vote and the subsequent impeachment trial. Her opponent is a Republican in favor of Democrat chairs on committees, and is in support of Dade Phelan as Speaker, who led the Paxton impeachment sham. Janine would oppose Democrat Chairs and oppose another Phelan Speakership.

I don t endorse very often, and when I do, it s because I think it s particularly important. It s time for a change in HD20. It s time for a real grassroots conservative, and that s why I endorse Janine Chapa for HD20.

(This endorsement is my personal endorsement, and is not an endorsement by any entity with which I am affiliated or by whom I am employed.)

Mark Meckler co-founded one of the largest grassroots political organizations aligned with the Tea Party movement, the Tea Party Patriots. He is currently president of Citizens For Self-Governance, an organization that empowers citizens not government to make the crucial decisions that affect their lives. He is also the leader of the Convention of States, which seeks to make legislative changes to a system he believes has become dysfunctional because citizens have less and less control over their own lives. Meckler feels the system as it exists now is rigged to support the entrenchment of power contrary to the American ideal of a free society where individuals decide for themselves how to form their own communities and govern themselves.

Mark appears regularly on a wide variety of television outlets, including MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business and the BBC. He is the co-author of Tea Party Patriots: The Second American Revolution, and writes regularly on Breitbart, The American Spectator, and He also is an attorney who specializes in internet privacy law.

Mark and his wife live in Northern California with their two teenage children where they share their love of the outdoors, mountain-biking, soccer and horses.

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