Grassroots America Announces endorsement for State Rep HD20 of Janine Chapa to fire incumbent Terry Wilson!

Feb 7, 2024

"We are very encouraged to see the knowledgeable, principled candidates putting themselves forward to save Texas and your liberty! The purposeful, re-organized Texas conservative grassroots movement that arose in 2009 is now producing "home grown" candidates who know the issues very, very well!"

Congratulations Janine Chapa - well deserved and hard earned endorsement! You are among a much too short of a list of Conservative fighters! WE NEED MORE like you!

Grassroots America We the People, Inc. is the largest constitutional conservative citizen organization in East Texas and one of the largest in Texas. We are networked with more than 300 conservative groups across the state and nation.

Lead by outstanding Conservatives, such as JoAnn Fleming, Executive Director and leading spokesperson, the coveted grass-roots endorsement takes time and includes candidate interviews of at least an hour, criminal and financial background checks.

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