Sonya Ayers-Precinct Chair, Precinct 403

Dec 15, 2023

Janine Chapa will go to the Texas State Capitol to do the hard things. She will face down the Democrats and engage the Republicans to meet the challenges of the times we live in. She will stand up and be counted and stay standing until they drag her away. She may not be popular among Democrats and she may anger other Republicans- while that s NOT her goal, there are nests that are feathered and Janine will expose the slackers and those that go along to get along .

Colonel Wilson's time in Texas legislature as HD20's State Representative is over. We thank him for his service to the State. He leaves the hard stuff undone, virtually untouched and pressing on every Texan. Janine Chapa is stepping up to do the heavy lifting and address the difficult things, the priorities of Texas Republicans and the massive challenges facing Texas and all Texans.

Her connection with voters is real. I have witnessed the connection she has with the voters - one of mutual admiration, appreciation and respect. Janine is a rare combination of grit, determination, intelligence and enthusiasm. She was successful in business with those same attributes.

She has been successful in life as well - a great marriage, a beautiful family and she will add TREMENDOUS VALUE at the Texas Capitol for the WILCO voter where she will listen and respond to the will of voters in HD20. Janine is the right choice to replace the current mediocrity in the State House. Vote for Janine. You will not regret it. She will listen to you and she will work hard for you. Vote for Janine Chapa for HD20.

Ms. Ayers lives in Hutto, TX with her husband of 39 years. She has 7 grandchildren all living in Williamson County. She is a CPA in Texas and the campaign Treasurer. She spent 30 years in business-including financial management and compliance positions in Banking, Telecommunications and Oil and Gas. She currently works for a state agency where she is a Coordinator.

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