Marcia Watson-Precinct Chair, Precinct 340

Dec 22, 2023

I am endorsing Janine Chapa, and I am supporting 'Saving Texas Together' because it is past time to Clean Our Texas House. Any representative that supports Democrat Committee Chairs, like many have done these past two legislative sessions, does so knowing this goes against the Republican Party of Texas top legislative priorities voted in by many local WILCO Delegates. The dependance on Democrat Committee chairs wastes a lot of our hard-earned tax dollars and time by which hundreds of viable bills are submitted that never see the light of day, The bills get killed once they are sent to the House Committees, many chaired by a Democrat and never receive a hearing. Further, any representative, like the current incumbent Representative, that voted to impeach the most successful Texas Attorney General our state has ever elected and not support due process of law which goes against our constitution that they swore an oath of office to support, does not deserve the privilege of serving We the People of Williamson County. Period.

Texans and WILCO Citizens should be confident when they go to the polls and vote and rest assured that their vote is not compromised and counts. Citizens have been reporting major election issues and vulnerabilities in our county elections since 2020 when our county turned blue overnight for the first time since the early 80s! We now have tangible proof that many citizens received the wrong ballot style and were disenfranchised. We have been working with our local legislators to GTMO Get the Machines Out and enforce the election code laws demanding pre-printed ballots starting with 1, with a robust Chain-of-Custody Report and a secure verified 2-step voter check-in process. Although we were able to get two Election Bills over the line this session (HB5180 CVR/Ballot Images & SB1070 Removal of ERIC), there were still many other bills submitted to enforce election integrity that died before ever receiving the necessary committee hearing. These state reps are responsible for this happening on their watch. It's time for a change. It's time for TEAMJANINE. I've known Janine Chapa for a few years since she got involved and became a precinct chair in Georgetown. I have worked alongside her and blocked walked with her helping other candidates get elected. She is reliable, dependable, organized, articulate, transparent and persuasive. She has a huge support system with her family and grassroots pct chairs. ALL of these are key qualities needed to be successful as a state representative. She will make a great asset to representing Williamson County. She is ready. And so are we!

Marcia Strickler is the Executive Director for Williamson County Citizens Defending Freedom. She and her husband attend Williamson County Cowboy Church. She is a former 30-year Executive in Fortune 100 Technology Industry and former Tech Support in the Field for Williamson County Election Department.

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