Wes Griffin-HD20 Precinct 207, Precinct Chair

Dec 28, 2023

For forty years, grass roots Republicans have been working in Williamson County to build a solid, constitutional governing body worthy of the efforts of our founding fathers. They knew that if the common citizen would be involved, laws would be enforced, good laws would be passed, and the principles of liberty and justice would flourish, as would the property owners
and their posterity. I am supporting Janine Chapa in her run for the HD 20 seat, because she is one of us. She will listen, but she already knows, because she is living and serving now. In closing, I am not supporting Janine only because of a shared appreciation of the philosophy of freedom, but because she is a person of integrity that will NOT bow to political forces and
winds that blow this way and that. Janine will be true to her word, as well as the founding principles of our land.

Wesley C. Griffin
Liberty Hill, Texas

Mr. Griffin's career spans 43 years working as an architect with Tew Associates, now Griffin & Jacobson Architects in Central Texas. A current election day volunteer in Williamson County since 1990, Mr. Griffin is a past Elder, serving as Deacon with Fellowship Church Liberty Hill. He also served on the Leadership Team with Williamson Baptist Association,
Pulpit Supply w/WBA, Board Member, Central Texas Pregnancy Help Center and served on past Planning & Zoning Commission of Liberty Hill, where he resides and serves as WILCO Precinct Chair.

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