Kim Perrine-HD20 Precinct 231, Precinct Chair

Dec 21, 2023

I proudly endorse Janine Chapa and her Saving Texas Together campaign. I have worked with Janine over the past two years as Precinct Chair, and have witnessed how devoted she is to serving the people in her precinct, standing up for what they care about and for their rights and liberties, our Constitution, our Republic, etc. Currently, I am disappointed to see the Texas House of Representatives utter neglect to represent Texans first, and that needs to change. In the 88th Legislative Session, the House utterly failed to deliver on our key Republican priorities that We the People demanded they pass. Even with four Special Sessions our representatives in the House turned a deaf ear to our voices to pander to their big donors and Texans lost again. The House also wasted millions in tax payer money with the sham impeachment of our duly elected Attorney General. We also need term limits (no career politicians) and we need new representation who will serve the People in HD-20 and champion our Republican Party priorities, not the interests of big corporate donors and self-interest. Thankfully, we have a choice this Primary! Janine Chapa is a native Texan and cares about Texans and Texas families! She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and has a vested interest in restoring our Republic for present and future generations, and cares deeply and passionately about our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. She will be a strong advocate for life from the womb to the grave, secure our border, work tirelessly to pass a parents Bill of Rights so the government can no longer harm our children, eliminate Democrat Chairs, ensure our First and Second Amendments and other rights are never infringed upon, permanently boot Marxist indoctrination and pornography out of our schools, fortify our elections and rebuild voter trust, and in true Conservative fashion, lower taxes and inflation, etc. Don't we deserve to have someone who will uphold their oath to the Texas and United States Constitutions? I say yes, we do! Janine Chapa is just the public servant we need to represent us at the Capitol. Vote for Janine!

Mrs. Perrine is a former Project Manager at ATT Wireless, currently a Homeschool Educator. She is an active member of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church, Board Member of Citizens Defending Freedom of Williamson County and Poll Watcher for Williamson County elections. She and her family live in Leander, Texas where she is active in the Williamson County Republican Party.

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