Jay Martin-HD20 Precinct 254, Precinct Chair

Dec 21, 2023

Why I am endorsing Janine Chapa and supporting Saving Texas Together :

I became a Precinct Chair after watching the election of 2020 and then the protests at the nation s Capitol in Jan 2021. I decided that I HAD to get involved. Soon after I met many other conservative Precinct chairs, one of which was Janine Chapa. I have watched her present the conservative message throughout Williamson County, at public events like the Red Poppy festival, amongst others. Janine holds Strong Texas Values, she loves the Lord, her friends and family as well as those she has just met! Janine feels strongly that the voice of We the People MUST be heard and the VOICE of the people will be her guide as to how to legislate. For FAR TOO long, the Peoples voice has been ignored and marginalized, Janine seeks to correct that!

She has my vote and she has my commitment to help her to be elected in HD20 and return HD20 to a DEEP RED position!

Mr. Martin is a current business owner. He lives in Cedar Park, TX where he is active in his church, community and the Republican Party.

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