Endorsements for the Janine Chapa Campaign

Nationwide Influencers and Political Leaders

Grassroots America Announces endorsement for State Rep HD20 of Janine Chapa to fire incumbent Terry Wilson!

AG Ken Paxton endorses Janine Chapa

Mark Meckler, Founder of Tea Party Patriots & President of Convention of States

Lt. Col. Allen, former Chair of the Republican Party of Texas and former gubernatorial candidate.

Dan & Margaret Byfield-Georgetown, Texas

Local Political Leaders

Cathy Jaster-Precinct Chair, Precinct 245

Paul Parker-HD20 Precinct 472, Precinct Chair

Christine Muat-HD20 Precinct 284, Precinct Chair

Dan Michael-HD20 Precinct 257, Precinct Chair

Wes Griffin-HD20 Precinct 207, Precinct Chair

Mike Sanders-HD20 Precinct 264, Precinct Chair

Jay Martin-HD20 Precinct 254, Precinct Chair

Robert Bagwell-HD20 Precinct 255, Precinct Chair

Kim Perrine-HD20 Precinct 231, Precinct Chair

Terry Soll-HD20 Precinct 394, Precinct Chair

Carolyn McCluggage-HD20 Precinct 263, Precinct Chair

Daniel Cheng-HD20 Precinct 258, Precinct Chair

Scott Reese-HD20 Precinct 266, Precinct Chair

David Boone-HD20 Precinct 391, Precinct Chair

Ed Kandler-HD20 Precinct 412, Precinct Chair

Barry Smith-HD20 Precinct 410, Precinct Chair

Dimitri Nicholas-HD20 Precinct 277, Precinct Chair Candidate

Buddy Wetuski - HD20 Precinct 411, Precinct Chair

Robert Wisener-Precinct Chair, Precinct 473

Leslie Wentworth-Precinct Chair, Precinct 390

Nico Williams-Precinct Chair, Precinct 162

Michelle Harger-Precinct Chair, Precinct 267

Christie Slape-Precinct Chair, Precinct 424

Jennifer Fowler-Precinct Chair, Precinct 419

Allison Tangeman-Precinct Chair, Precinct 426

Diana Dietz-Precinct Chair, Precinct 434

Stephanie Hughes-Precinct Chair, Precinct 319

Tristan Chizick-Precinct Chair, Precinct 201

Marcia Watson-Precinct Chair, Precinct 340

Janelle Kelton-Precinct Chair, Precinct 202

Eric Norbut-Precinct Chair, Precinct 145

Debra Damman-Precinct Chair, Precinct 151

Sonya Ayers-Precinct Chair, Precinct 403

Michael Myles-Precinct Chair, Precinct 486

Statewide Influencers and Political Leaders

Perla Hopkins, United States Air Force Veteran and Childs Rights Advocate endorses Janine Chapa for HD20!

JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America personally endorses Janine Chapa for HD20!

True Texas Project

Texas Eagle Forum endorsed Janine Chapa for HD20 State Rep

Angela Wetuski-TEXIT

Weston Martinez, former Texas Real Estate Commissioner, a fourth generation Texan and proven conservative leader, endorses Janine Chapa for State Representative HD20!

Michael Berry, Czar of Talk, & team, endorses Janine Chapa for State Representative HD20!

Texans for Toll-free Highways endorses Janine Chapa, Candidate for HD20 State Representative

Texas Freedom PAC endorses Janine Chapa for State Representative HD20

Friends and Family

Mike & Olga Vega-Brownsville, TX

Lisa Effren (Brown)-Georgetown, TX

Estela Singler - Helotes, TX

Ceciley Vega - Pflugerville, Texas

Jonathan Schober- Pflugerville, Texas

Cliff & Cheryl Gritis-Georgetown, Texas

Bridget Brame - Voter in House District 20

Porter & Sandra Click-Georgetown, Texas

John McCleskey-Georgetown, Texas

I Want to Endorse Janine Chapa for HD 20

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