• Border Security
    Safety and security are important and we must continue to pursue protection for our families, farmers, and ranchers.

  • Election Integrity
    Protecting our vote builds confidence in our voting system. It's the cornerstone of any good government.

  • Parents Rights/School Choice
    Parents are the ultimate decision makers for their children. The government should not infringe on the morals and values instilled by the family.

  • Economy
    Inflation and increased taxes are preventable and both start with too much government spending. We must make life in Texas more affordable. Basic necessities like food, gas, and utilities are sky rocketing. Representatives need to be aware of how families struggle to make ends meet. All of this leads to the need to work two jobs instead of one, which gives parents less time with their families and further compounds the moral decay we see.

  • Always Pro-Life
    Texas must protect our families from the womb to the grave.

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