Support & Vote for Dr. Mary Bone in May 28 Runoff for SBOE District 10
Apr 24, 2024

Join me in working for my dear friend, Dr. Mary Bone for SBOE, District 10. Our children need a change and Dr. Mary Bone is the change that the State Board of Education needs now!

Janine Chapa 4-19-24

Janine Chapa's Campaign releases a statement on the race for State Representative House District 20
Mar 6, 2024

I want to thank everyone who fought for conservative values and priorities in this race. The slogan of my campaign was "Saving Texas Together." That's the only way we save Texas – together. So, thank you all! Texas is stronger for your principled stand.

I got into this race just over two months ago, and against expectations, two out of five (more than 40%) voters supported our campaign to Save Texas Together. While the political race for who represents us in HD20 is over, the campaign to save Texas is not over.

We have every intention of watching very carefully what happens in this next legislative session. There is too much on the line: runaway inflation, a lack of border security, election integrity issues, families threatened... none of this is acceptable. There is much work to be done. This fight will end when Texans can control and protect what they earn, the border is truly secure, our election system can guarantee one citizen one vote, and parents have the freedom to raise and educate their children in American and Texas values without bad government social policies forced on them.

Finally, please join me in working to support those candidates in run-off races including Dr. Mary Bone (SBOE District 10) and David Covey (State Representative HD21). Also, join me in working to get Republican candidates elected in November!!!

Thank you again for your support. I've met so many wonderful and good people through this campaign. That's the great reward for all of our efforts.

Let's continue to work to Save Texas Together.

Janine Chapa, Candidate for HD20
4500 Williams Dr.
Suite 212
Georgetown, Texas 78633
Saving Texas Together


HD20 State Representative scores BIG $$ from Dade Phelan, Texans for Lawsuit Reform and other sources...
Mar 5, 2024

Interesting that the current HD20 State Representative scores mailers, donations and who knows what else from the embattled Speaker Dade Phelan and the weaponized PAC Texan's for Lawsuit Reform...a citizen describes in a clever YouTube video...

Mis-leading Voter Guides, WILCO100 PAC and other things that make you go....HMMMM???
Feb 27, 2024

Recent developments in Williamson County create more questions than answers....voters are led to believe the Republican Party has endorsed candidates the OPPOSITE of those candidates recommended by AG Ken Paxton!!! I wonder why? Follow the hyperlink to a YouTube video....put this under things that make you go "Hmmm" or "Huhhhh"....

Federal and Statewide WILCO Conservative Primary Voting Guide includes Janine Chapa for State Representative HD20 and Dr. Mary Bone for State Board of Education
Feb 26, 2024

In a crowded field, always vote for the Conservative Grassroots candidates. Here is a good list of outstanding candidates for offices up and down Federal and Statewide office. While Janine Chapa is our favorite, check out Dr. Mary Bone for SBOE as well!

Good luck to the Conservative Candidates - Saving Texas Together means something to this group!

Something has to change - 48 Conservative Bills the Texas House Killed THIS Session
Feb 13, 2024

Luke Macias wrote - "While Texas House Republican member are back in their districts claiming this session was 'one of the most conservative sessions in Texas history', they are met with the sad reality that their constituents are getting smarter and the scoreboard cannot be changed."

Chapa brings Truly Conservative CHANGE to TX HD20
Feb 9, 2024

Texas Talkin with Shilo Platts interviews Janine Chapa, candidate for State Representative HD20.

Ken Paxton and True Texas Project endorsed candidate for TxHD20, DIALS IN Texas Talkin on replacing RINO incumbent--and Dade Phelan lackey--Terry Wilson.

Candidate, Janine Chapa is endorsed by Grassroots America, We the People PAC to 'Replace the Incumbent Terry Wilson'
Feb 6, 2024

With great anticipation, Janine Chapa candidate for State Representative House District 20, received the very important endorsement of Grassroots America!

Grassroots America is noted as saying 'we cannot endorse ALL Republicans because some Republicans have badly fallen down on the job ignored Republican Platform Principles, turned a blind eye to corruption, have too many liberal record votes, have undercut an anti-swamp President, voted against conservatives in their district, ignored constituents, placed a higher value on politics rather than upholding the Texas Constitution, followed what political consultants/the Governor/the Lt. Governor or the TX House Speaker advise instead of their own constituents, and/or ignored written communications when they are asked to respond in writing.

Whatever you tolerate you get more of! Grassroots America will not grant elected employees with this type of job performance a gold star approval any more than we would give a raise to an employee who consistently failed to show up for work. To do so undermines our mission, our credibility, your God-given rights, the rule of law, and ultimately liberty."

Janine Chapa joins the ranks of other Conservative Fighters such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz with this endorsement.

Janine was quoted - 'This endorsement means a great deal to me and my campaign. First, that I am chosen to FIRE the incumbent Terry Wilson and then to be included with such significant Grassroots endorsements as President Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz - I am truly honored and look forward to doing just what the endorsement says - FIRING the INCUMBENT, because he is not good for Texas or Texan Families! Thank you Grassroots America for your endorsement and your confidence!'

Mrs. Chapa received notice of the endorsement in her home this morning before heading out to engage voters in block-walking. She has events planned all week.

To learn more and find out how you can support her, see her website at

Candidate, Janine Chapa signs Term Limit Pledge
Feb 5, 2024

On 1-9-24, Janine Chapa, candidate for State Representative House District 20, signed the Term Limit Pledge.

It states that as a member of the state legislature the signer agrees to co-sponsor, vote for, and defend the resolution applying for an Article V convention for the sole purpose of enacting term limits in US Congress.

Candidate, Janine Chapa is interviewed by Lt. Col. Allen West
Feb 2, 2024

Executive Director for The American Constitutional Rights Union and former TXGOP Chair, retired Army Lt Col West interviewed Janine Chapa for his Steadfast & Loyal podcast.

Janine explains why she is running in the race for State Representative HD20 and outlines her plans to engage voters in 'Saving Texas Together'!!! Watch the interview here:

Paxton says that Texas must fight to protect conservative values from Liberal Republicans.
Jan 20, 2024

As the Republican Primary Election nears, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton continues to expand his support for challengers to Texas House members.

Paxton announced his first round of endorsements back in October after he was acquitted of all charges in his impeachment trial in the Texas Senate. Another slate of endorsements soon followed.

Janine Chapa is challenging State Rep. Terry Wilson (R-Georgetown) for House District 20. Wilson was among the 60 House Republicans who voted in favor of impeaching Paxton.

Paxton also endorsed candidates for various Republican County Chair races, judge races, a constable race, and a district attorney race.

“Texas is under attack, and we must fight to protect our conservative values not only from the Biden Administration but from liberal Republicans who enable and allow reckless liberal policies to wreak havoc on our state and our local communities,” wrote Paxton. “If elected, these Republican County Chairs, Judges, and State Rep candidates will [f]ight every day to defend Texas values. These candidates will stand up to Dade Phelan and [h]is woke agenda that is embarrassing the state.”


Attorney General Ken Paxton endorses Janine Chapa for State Representative HD20
Jan 19, 2024

Texas AG Ken Paxton releases another round of endorsements. Janine Chapa, candidate for State Representative HD20 is included.

Thanks to AG Paxton. We are SavingTexasTogether !!!

Candidate, Janine Chapa, and her husband Mike brave the elements to put her Team Janine signage in Jarrell and Florence.
Jan 16, 2024

Nothing will stop Janine Chapa....not wind, not rain, not sleet, not snow and not plunging temperatures....Janine and her husband, Mike, are hard at it and continue to make voters in HD20 aware that she is the right choice for HD20!!!

National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund Announce Janine Chapa's AQ Rating
Jan 12, 2024

January 2024
On behalf of NRA's Political Victory Fund and our members in Texas House District 20 announces the AQ rating for the March 2024 Primary Election.

See for a website listing.

PRESS RELEASE: 300K Illegal Border Crossers in December Means Terry Wilson Has Not Done Enough
Jan 10, 2024

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS – House District Candidate Janine Chapa calls out incumbent Terry Wilson for inaction on securing our Texas border because he believes that Texas cannot protect itself - a belief that contradicts both the US Constitution and the Texas Constitution.

As was widely reported, there were "over 302,000 inadmissible aliens encountered this past December alone." ( The ongoing border crisis has been hurting Texas since Biden took office.

Article 4 Section 7 of the Texas Constitution states that the Governor of Texas "shall have power to call forth the militia to execute the laws of the State, to suppress insurrections, and to repel invasions."

Article IV Section 4 of the US Constitution asserts that the "United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government and shall protect each of them against Invasion." And in Article I Section 10, it allows States to act if "actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger."

Chapa said in a statement, "Texas is being invaded, and the federal and state constitutions allow Texas to defend itself against invasion, but Terry Wilson, on his own website, says that 'Regrettably, Texas has limited capacity to tackle the underlying issues, as matters of international affairs are beyond our control.' He says this in an article he titled Border 101. I'd like to introduce him to Constitution 101.

"We need a representative unafraid to call the border crisis what it is: an invasion. I don't believe that Mr. Wilson has ever done so, but you can't properly address an issue until you see it for what it is. The trafficking of women and children across Texas merits more than a shrug. So, I will do what our representative hasn't done: declare an invasion. Over 30 counties in Texas have declared an invasion. Let's start with that candid admission and then work to invoke the powers in both constitutions to address this crisis before it's too late. We need to get busy saving Texas together. Right now."

Janine Chapa is a precinct chair, a former insurance executive, and married to Mike, a former game warden. The couple lives in Williamson County House District 20. Together, they have two adult daughters and three grandchildren. You can learn more about Janine at her website For questions, please call (210) 723-3794.

Copyright © 2024 Janine Chapa for Texas, all rights reserved.

PRESS RELEASE: In Her First Month, Candidate Janine Chapa Raises Over $30K to Win HD 20
Jan 3, 2024

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS State House Candidate Janine Chapa entered the race to represent Republicans in Williamson County in December and has raised over $30K from voters in House District 20. Her support has swelled with the backing of over 30 Williamson County precinct chairs, many friends, and endorsements from local, statewide, and national influencers.

Chapa runs against incumbent Terry Wilson, who voted to impeach Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and who also publicly supported Speaker Dade Phelan's assignment of committee chairs to Democrats in the 88th legislative session. Those actions disappointed and angered Republican voters throughout the district.

Chapa said in a statement, "I am very thankful to be endorsed by so many residents throughout Williamson County. We need more fighters who stand for Texas values and principles. Instead of joining with Ken Paxton and other Republicans to fight the Biden administration, my opponent is only concerned about winning another election.

"We need a representative who listens to the residents of Williamson County. Impeachment of Attorney General Paxton was not a priority for any Republican, and no Republican wants to cede the power of chairmanship to a Democrat who has the wrong agenda for a safe and secure Texas. It seems my opponent does not talk to anyone outside of his campaign or his Austin bubble. As I visit with people in House District 20, I hear this everywhere I go, and I will continue to listen to the voters in HD 20 and the people of Williamson County when I get to the State Capitol."

Janine Chapa is a precinct chair, a former insurance executive, and married to Mike, a former Game Warden. Together, they have two adult daughters and three grandchildren. For questions, please call (210) 723-3794.

Copyright 2023 Janine Chapa for Texas, All rights reserved.

Janine Chapa takes the Texas First Pledge
Dec 30, 2023

On December 30, 2023, as the new year dawned, State House candidate for House District 20 - Mrs. Janine Chapa- was added to the list of prominent leaders in Texas taking the Texas First Pledge.

Janine Chapa Challenging State Rep. Terry Wilson in GOP Primary
Dec 15, 2023

Chapa says 'Texans need less government in our lives and that's why I'm running to give the citizens of House District 20 a better choice.'

Pol Adv Paid for by Janine Chapa Campaign